Dear customer

We are aware that for years tanneries have contributed to the pollution of our planet, using heavy metals for the packaging of hides and skins.

For some years our shop has been using only naturally tanned leathers (chestnut tannins).

A chrome tanning, much more polluting, requires only a few hours of processing; to tan the chestnut tannins, on the other hand, it takes several months.

In this regard, we can proudly say that we too, in our own small way, are helping to reduce pollution, while also making our customers participate and active in this eco-sustainable initiative.

Together with your sandals, you will find a certificate that certifies the utmost attention, by the consortium that supplies us, in producing the raw materials used for the realization of our. products.

For us it is a huge privilege to have it as our. customer.

Capri Pride